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How it works

The Market of VT was developed to provide support to students currently experiencing food insecurity. Program participants receive a variety of produce, proteins, dairy/non-dairy products, and shelf stable items on a weekly basis.

If you are an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student and wish to learn more about the Market of Virginia Tech, please submit an interest form.

Once you have submitted an interest form, and received confirmation that you are enrolled in the program, you are eligible to begin picking up groceries. Details regarding the location and hours for pickup will be sent to you upon enrollment in the program. If you need to have someone else pick up food for you, please email with the name and contact information of your designee.

We believe that everyone has the right to dignity, privacy, and confidentiality as they seek to meet their own or their family’s food needs. The Dean of Students has been a resource that consistently protects privacy and information confidentiality. We maintain that standard with The Market at Virginia Tech program.

Seeking services from The Market at Virginia Tech can take some courage. It's hard to ask for help and it can certainly be hard to trust another person or an organization with personal information. We know that the questions on The Market at Virginia Tech interest form, in particular, can feel like a lot of private information to share. Please know that we will hold your private information private. We will, however, use your data to improve the program, and we want to be fully transparent about that.

To structure the program in ways that meets student needs, we use student data to make decisions. The information gathered on The Market at Virginia Tech interest form helps us determine how to award our limited funds most responsibly. We also work with the team that prepared an extensive 2019 research study focused on food security and access issues among Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students. This team helps us understand participants’ needs, concerns, advice, or suggestions for the program. These surveys are kept confidential and are completely voluntary. Your decision to provide feedback to the research team has no bearing on your ability to access The Market at Virginia Tech or other food resources.

The Market at Virginia Tech hosts service learning opportunities throughout the academic year. If you are interested in participating in these events, please visit our page on GobblerConnect.

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